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Boy, 13, 'conquers' Mount Kenya

By Metro Reporter
A 13-year old boy from Nyeri has conquered Mount Kenya in order to raise funds for the local disabled children.

Ron Mwangi, a student at Christian Faith Academy in Nyeri town was the first to arrive at Point Lenana which is 4,985 meters above the sea level.
He was in the company of 16 volunteers of the Metropolitan Smile Dispatch team who climbed the mountain for four days in order to raise Sh5 million for the disabled children who are being catered by Metropolitan Children’s home based in Kamakwa town at the outskirts of Nyeri town.
“It was a very challenging exercise since we were discouraged by bad weather which we are not used to. But faith kept us going. I felt like I was on top of the world when I finally made it to the top. Finally, my mission was achieved,” he said.
Mwangi who has never walked for so many kilometers before, said despite the heavy ice and tough terrain at the mountain he finally managed to plant the flag at the peak.
“Despite the snow, ice, bad terrain and bad weather, I finally made it to the top and returned freezing. My parents were very surprised that I made it. They really appreciated me very much,” he said.
What you do unto others will remain forever but what you do unto yourself does with you,” said Mwangi.
Mwangi said that due to the passion he has for the disabled, he had to join the group of others who were climbing the mountain.
He was the youngest in the group of 14; four ladies and 10 men.
The group returned Nyeri town home after the four day’s exercise.
“This was a big lesson to me that it’s good to do good things unto others than to yourself. You can visit such children and donate food or even clothes and they will remember you forever.
Mt Kenya Senior warden in charge of Mt Kenya Simon Gitau said Mwangi is the youngest person in the recent past to climb the mountain up to point Lenana.
The team leader Joe Mureithi said Mwangi was very determined on the way with full confidence that he would make it.
“Actually two of our colleagues dropped on the way but Mwangi showed a very good example despite being the youngest in the team. He really wanted to demonstrate the passion he has for the children,” Said Mureithi.
Beatrice Wanjiru who also made it to the top said she was representing mothers with disabled children since her three- year-old daughter is also disabled.
Jack Leyaduma said despite the wind and coldness, he achieved his mission.
“Our final result was to see the children have another face of smiling which we have achieved. We believe more will help these children,” added David Yang who was part of the team.
Jolene Allan who was also in the team hoped that one day disabled children will live a normal live happily with peace just like normal children.
The patron of the team Jason Allan said that the disabled people are precious people who need care and encouragement all the time and so called upon Kenyans to support them all the time.
Metropolitan Smile dispatch for children with disability is a Kenyan initiative created out of an endeavor to change the lives of children with disability who are differently and ably gifted despite the physical and learning difficulties that they have.
“Raising a child is quite a task, but raising a child with disability is an enormous task. These children require regular doctor's consultation, therapy (Physical and Occupational Therapy) so as to stimulate and train their developmental milestones. In addition, they require corsets to remedy their deformed spines, splints and braces for their limbs without which complications that would require surgery while others are irreversible would develop,” he said.


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