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Kenya: Drug barons put on notice

President Uhuru Kenyatta has put drug barons in Mombasa on notice, declaring a total war on the menace that has ruined the lives of many young people in the country.

The President said the port of Mombasa will no longer be a passage for the importation of illicit drugs.
“We will not allow drug barons to destroy the future of our young people. We will track and deal with them decisively,” President Kenyatta said.
The President announced that he will on Friday lead security agencies in destroying a ship seized with heroin valued at Kshs 1 billion last month.
“We do not care who owns the ship or the drugs but we will destroy them to serve as a lesson to those bent on ruining our children,” the President said.
The President spoke Thursday at Mombasa Showground when he opened this year’s Mombasa International Show that was graced by a galaxy of political leaders from the Coast region, including Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his Tana River counterpart Hussein Dado.
President Kenyatta appealed to leaders not to put the country on an endless political mood but instead settle down and serve Kenyans.
He said leaders should exercise political maturity and pool resources to improve the lives of citizens irrespective of party affiliation once elections are over.
“You cannot effectively serve the electorate when all you do is to engage in endless political wrangling. Political noise will not deliver the services Kenyans expect from their leaders,” President Kenyatta said.
The President said his administration is ready to work with leaders from across the political divide who are focused on transforming the country and improving the lives of Kenyans.
The leaders led by Governor Joho vowed to support the President and the Government of the day. They called for closer working cooperation between national and county governments, saying that is the way to move the country forward not empty politics. The leaders assured that they will not blindly support the clamour for a referendum.
“You are a genuine leader who is dedicated to working for and uniting all Kenyans. Other leaders should emulate you. Extend to Governor Joho, the same olive branch you have extended to other leaders and work with Mombasa County for development,” Mombasa Women Representative Mishi Mboko said.
Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro said Coast leaders are capable of making their own decisions and will not agree to be forced into rub-stamping resolutions passed by others including the call for a referendum.
“If there is Kshs 8 billion available, we would want it used on developing our region’s infrastructure but not on a referendum aimed at massaging some people’s egos,” Mr. Mung’aro said.
The President decried the habit of some politicians who use the youth for political expediency at the expense of their wellbeing of the youngsters.
“Let us empower the youth to be the best they can instead of using them on things that are of no benefit to them and the country,” the President urged leaders.
On security, President Kenyatta asked all Kenyans to be vigilant and report any suspicious people to the authorities. He emphasized that while the Government has stepped up security across the country, residents have a role to play in ensuring the country is safe at all times.
He also advised the youth to embrace agriculture as a way of fighting unemployment and curbing poverty.
Other speakers included Agriculture CS Felix Kosgei, Agricultural Society of Kenya National Chair Alice Kalya and Mombasa International Show Chair Anthony Mrima.


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