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JKUAT students to register with NHIF

By James Wainaina
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has now made it mandatory for all students to register directly with the National Hospital Fund (NHIF) by either paying an annual subscription fee of Sh1,920 or Sh160 per month to serve as rebate should a student be admitted to hospital.

 Speaking the orientation of first year students, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Mabel Imbuga said the move  would help the university cut down on the expenses it has been incurring in the use of the revolving fund for students’ treatment. “In line with this, I am pleased to announce that the NHIF team will visit the University next week to facilitate those that might not have the time to register,” said the VC.
In the same vein, Prof Imbuga advised the students to keep off alcohol and substance abuse. “I know most of you after leaving your families behind, may want to assume some ‘imaginary freedom’ and indulge in all sorts of experiments. I advise you to remain focused and avoid anything that could derail you from what brought you here. Avoid any form of peer pressure that may lead to indulgence in drug and substance abuse,” she said.
 She said the as a university, they recognise that ICT has become an important driver of knowledge production and dissemination. “This is why the University management made arrangements to facilitate our new students to access computer laptops at discounted prices of Sh51,720 as opposed to the current market value for each of the computers which is way over Sh70,000. The payment is to be done in two installments in order to make it easier for students to pay and access the laptops for use.”
She said, unlike the rest of the laptops that could be purchased from the market, these particular laptops have some specifications required for use across all programmes. “With these laptops therefore, you will be able to access some taught units which are offered through our online mode of delivery. Further, you will be able to access free of charge University subscribed e-books and e-journals and other academic materials from the library.”
Prof. Imbuga added, “I am sure most of you are alive to the fact that JKUAT is home to ICT in the region, this is why our graduates are the most sought after by leading employers like Safaricom, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft, among others. This therefore throws a challenge to all of you to make the best out of ICT. I would urge you to emulate some of your seniors who have applied their ICT knowledge positively to come up with outstanding innovations which have earned them recognition in Kenya and beyond.”
The Don urged the students to deceased from the influences of excesses of life such as irresponsible drinking, drug abuse and promiscuity saying these vices will take them nowhere and will instead ruin their career aspiration as young scholars.
She also told the students that if they want to succeed, they should avoid examination related antics such as cheating. Instead, maintain high moral and discipline standards that will endear them to your peers. “Most importantly, besides academics, I encourage you to take a strong interest in co-curricular activities available at JKUAT. The University will encourage and support you to identify, explore and fully exploit your God-given talents in the areas of sports, entertainment among many others. These co-curricular activities go a long way in shaping the character of young people like you; sharpens their social skills while at the same time promoting the spirit of tolerance. Always embrace brotherhood and sisterhood and rise above divisive ethnic politics. We all belong to one proud country called Kenya. Let’s appreciate and celebrate our unity in diversity,” she advised the student.
She reminded the freshers that one of the key reason why they all chose JKUAT was undoubtedly because of its quality education. “To this end, the University has taken conscious steps to ensure all our academic programmes meet the criteria of relevance, quality and demand among others. This explains the reasons that compel us to review our entire curriculum at the end of every cycle,” said Prof. Imbuga.
On the issues of HIV/AIDs, Prof. Imbuga that the University offers a mandatory unit in HIV/AIDS across all degree programmes. “This move is aimed at creating awareness among our students about the scourge. This is why I urge you to take this unit seriously, and also find time to visit our VCT facilities at our hospital to know your status, so that you are in a position to make informed decisions as you chart your destiny through positive behaviour.”
“A recap of the situation on the ground will confirm to you that any form of sexual carelessness may shatter your dreams and totally devastate your loved ones.   Statistics indicate that the country’s HIV/AIDS prevalence stands at 5.6% with women accounting for 6.9%, compared to men which stand at 4.4%.  I need not go into details as this is worrying enough,” warned Prof. Imbuga.
Prof. Imbuga said Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology remains the University of Choice in the country. “Those of you who have kept a tab on its progress will agree with me that it is a trend setter in training top notch scholars, researchers and innovators in a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines. Our staff and students have continuously and persistently hit the headlines in the media not only locally but also internationally,” the VC said.
She said that towards the end of last month for example, three of their students hit the headlines after creating an app to fight malaria. “This was hardly months after some of them won Ksh. 1 Million from the Safaricom APP Wiz Challenge. That is the caliber of output we expect from you. And as a University, we have cut a niche for ourselves not only in the region but across the world.” She said such gladdening reports by their students have reinforced their commitment and renewed their resolve to live to their University’s Vision of making JKUAT “A University of Global Excellence in Training, Research and Innovations for Development.”
Prof. Imbuga noted the during this 2014/2015 academic year, they expect to admit a total of 5,324 new students compared to 4200 new students during the 2013/2014 academic year. “While on the fourth day of registration, a total of 3,266 (61.34%) new students have already reported with the number expected to exceed the projected total by the close of the registration period. We wish them well as they prepare themselves to come and join you.”
 She further added, “Equally, the demand for the newly declared programmes under the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Services (KUCCPS) capacities for 2014/2015 academic year, namely Bachelor of Science in Economics, B.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Water and Environment Management, and B.Sc Medical Microbiology, have also been filled up.”


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