About us

The Metro Advertiser, is a newspaper whose main content is human-interest stories.

The newspaper is published by a credible team of media personalities and marketing experts, who have developed a highly-innovative solution in the advertising sector. The mission of the Metro Advertiser is to help businesses reach their clients and customers right at the grassroots.


We will at all times attempt to connect sellers with buyers at very competitive advertising rates. So, for those looking for goods and services, the Metro Advertiser will provide that all-important link not only at reasonable cost, but also through customized services.

We believe that our unique style and deliberate aim to focus on human-interest stories at the grassroots will attract valued readership, who will in turn form a rich target for our advertisers. This will, undoubtedly, help ensure information about new products reaches the widest audience possible. And in a smart way.

The Metro Advertiser, or simply the Metro, is committed to be your true and trusted partner in smart marketing. Our business is to promote your business through smart marketing. Advertise with us and reap the fruits of smart marketing.