Parents seized for failing to take children to school

By Metro Correspondent
Two parents were arrested in Gikiiro area of Mbeere South sub-county for neglecting their children and failing to take them to school.

 They were arrested by police in a swoop led by Gikiiro location Chief Eston Ireri targeting scores of parents who have abdicated the duty of educating their children.
 The parents, Josphat Mwaniki and Ireri Kagau, were nabbed at their homes as they prepared to move to their miraa farms while their children were still at home instead of being at school.
 Mwaniki has six children aged between six and 12 years and in Standard One to Seven and who went to school at Gikiiro primary for only two days this term.
Kagai on the other hand said his 17-ear-old son dropped out of school against his parent’s will after being forced to repeat Standard Six.
 Chief Ireri said the crackdown on such parents was informed by outcry from parents and Nyumba Kumi members on children idling at shopping centres during school time.
“Mwaniki gives the excuse that he would take the children back to school in a week’s time but he never does that. So I decided to arrest him so that he can be a lesson to others,” said Ireri.
Gikiiro primary school head teacher Benard Muriithi said he had summoned Mwaniki several times to counsel him on the need to educate his children but he ignored the summons or turned up while drank.
“Even now I am waiting for him to bring the children back to school so that they do not miss much and lower the performance of others. He has potential and resources to educate and feed the children,” said Muriithi.
He claimed Mwaniki declined to contribute foodstuffs and some money for his children to eat lunch at school like other parents whereas the children complained they were not provided food in the evening.
In a letter written by the school administration to the local children’s office, the school called for intervention to compel the man to buy uniform and provide food for the children
 On his defence, Mwaniki claimed his children were sent away from school because of a fee balance of Sh3,000.
He said he had recently paid fee for his eldest child who in Form Two at Mbita secondary school and he was preparing to clear the fee at the primary school in a week’s time.
 He said he earned Sh3,000 weekly from his miraa plantation, but neighbours said he was earning more than Sh5,000 and spending most if it on alcohol.
 However upon arrest he requested to be given time to sell miraa seedlings he grows in his farm and take the children back to school immediately.