Stiletto race lessons for Kenyan women!

Many Kenyan women, especially  those working in offices or whose jobs require them to walk long distances, almost always carry two pairs of shoes:  low-heel or flat shoes and high-heel.

They usually wear  flat shoes on long walks,  and the  high-heel or  the stiletto, on short distances, say, from the bus stop  to the office, where the wearer slips back  into  flat shoes so she could walk about comfortably. 

Perhaps, with training , say, from their Hungarian counterparts, such women would no longer be bothered by the 'extra baggage.' They could still walk and run in stilettoes as these "athletes", including expectant mothers,  demonstrated during  last year's the annual Stiletto Run  in Budapest, Hungary, where the participants had to make a 100 metre dash in high heel shoes! (Text: Xinhua/Stephen Mburu. Photos: Xinhua/Attila Volgyi)