China's illicit brewers go 'digital' as they make fake red wines!

Many Kenyans are familiar with scenes of Administration Police, almost always led by chiefs and their assistants, invading slums and impounding dirty barrels of illicit brews, which they pour on the ground, as some filthy youths, yearning for the alcohol, 'salivate' nearby.

Unlike Kenyan 'analogue' brewers, in China, so-called village brewers seem to have gone 'digital' long ago, and graduated into making fake red wines.  But local police appear to be well-trained to tell the fake from the original as these ones from Shanghai  moved swiftly on May 7, 2013, and smashed over 3,000 bottles of counterfeit red wines worth more than 6.5 million US dollars or Ksh539.5 million (current rate)! (Photos: Xinhua)