Muguku Tumaini School

Muguku Tumaini School is a boys’ boarding high school set in the lush and serene Redhill area in Limuru, 21km from Nairobi, off Limuru Road. The school, which has ultramodern facilities lies on an expansive compound -- 53 acres. The institution was founded in 1969 as Green Acres School offering the British curriculum. In 2007, the late Dr Nelson Muguku took over the school’s ownership and renamed it Muguku Tumaini School.

The school, founded on strong religious values, now offers the 8-4-4 system of education. Dr Muguku, a former teacher before venturing into poultry farming, and who was known for his struggle to help raise academic standards in Kikuyu District, deliberately set up the school with one vision: to be a centre of academic excellence in Africa.

Tumaini is the Kiswahili word for HOPE. As the name correctly suggests, Dr. Muguku aimed at laying a firm foundation for a meaningful future for our children and giving them hope in life. His objective was to provide a model of a quality education with a view to uplifting education standards, and successfully preparing students for entry into leading local and international universities.

To be a centre of academic excellence.

To provide quality education and produce responsible citizens with skills needed to develop a foundation for success in life, and remain relevant in a dynamic society.

To enable learners obtain admission to top local and international universities. To equip our students with competitive skills to ensure success in a global society. To create leaders by instilling into our students creativity, innovation, diligence, patriotism and a sense of self-reliance. To nurture virtues commensurate with etiquette and integrity in our society. To educate our students on dangers of drug and substance abuse and seek to ensure them of a safe social environment.


  1. GOD FEARING - Teach students to develop virtues of loving, caring, humility, tolerance, compassion, and patience.
  2. INTEGRITY -  Instil integrity into our students, through the promotion of obedience, honesty, respect, selfcontrol, transparency and accountability among the school community.
  3. TEAM WORK - Work as a team and exploit the benefit of group synergy skills experience and talents.
  4. COMMITMENT  - Inculcate in our students the sense of hard work by promoting self-drive dedication and desire to achieve the best possible.
  5. DISCIPLINE - To instil into our students and staff a high sense of self and collective discipline.
  6. JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS - We embrace the principal of fairness and justice through the observance of human rights and respect for individual differences.
  7. CONCERN FOR ENVIRONMENT - We teach our students to actively conserve and restore all aspects of the environment.


The school offers the 8-4-4 system of education. Our aim is to offer students hope to achieve their academic dreams and desired careers. Our teachers are not only highly-qualified and experienced, but also dedicated to achieving our collective goals. We deliberately keep our classes small to facilitate teacher-student consultations at all times. The teachers monitor and mentor students on various disciplines: offering an ideal atmosphere for individualised interaction and learning. Subjects offered are English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, History, Christian Religious Education, Agriculture, Business Studies, Computer Studies, French, Physical Education, and Aviation (coming soon).



LABORATORIES - We have well equipped laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer studies.

LIBRARY -The library is well stocked with a wide variety of reference books, fiction, and non-fiction books covering both arts and sciences. We encourage a reading culture in every student.

CLASSROOMS - Our classrooms are spacious and well- furnished. Besides, class sizes are manageable and offer students the much-needed individualised attention.

The dormitories are spacious and modern. Students are accommodated in cubicles. There are enough washrooms and showers with a hot and cold water system.

A healthy mind requires a healthy body. Games and sports form an integral part of our extracurricular activities. Students participate in organised clubs and societies to allow each student to maximise his talents. The school has one of the finest sports facilities which include, a full size swimming pool, football and hockey fields, as well as basketball, lawn tennis, and volley-ball courts. In addition, there are indoor games including scrabble, chess badminton and table tennis.

Our well-equipped kitchen and spacious dining hall are run by well trained staff with wide experienced in school services. We offer our students a balanced diet. Our farms not only provide students with fresh produce and milk, but also are instrumental in teaching.