Remit school arrears, Knut asks State

By Metro Reporter

The Kenya National Union of Teacher (KNUT) has asked the government to commit itself to paying the money accrued from school fees before School Principals release certificates to defaulting students.

The union’s assistant secretary general, Hesbon Otieno said defaulting students owed at least 14 billion shillings in unpaid school fees and that issuing the certificates before the debts were cleared would disadvantage the schools.


Otieno however said the union is not opposed to the release of  certificates to the students, but said the move will open a Pandora’s Box in which parents would deliberately fail to pay school fees knowing their children would still get their certificates.


Speaking in Tana River County during the union’s branch AGM meeting, Otieno called on the government to convene a meeting with education stakeholders to get clear modalities on how to recover the money owed to schools.


Deputy President William Ruto recently issued the order to school principals to immediately release certificates withheld due to fees balances, a directive that was later reinforced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.