Where scrap metal "Rests" In Peace!

For years, many Kenyans have suffered at the hands of criminals  who vandalise any semblance of metal, they later sell, mostly for a penny, as scrap metal. The practice has since angered none other than President Kibaki who, when opening the Thika superhighway in November, called for the imprisonment of those convicted of vandalising road signboards, in the name of scrap metals. 

It would be interesting to know that  in China, as seen here in Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province, known as the "kingdom of bicycles", thousands of  discarded bicycles rot in parking lots, corners of residential areas, or corridors, with no one appearing interested in them. The province of 800,000 people has over 900,000 bicycles. Perhaps, Kenya's scrap metal collectors and dealers would just salivate on seeing such "scrap metals"! (Text: Stephen Mburu. Photos: Xinhua)