"Human Nature" arts exhibition

A public art exhibition in New York was a great attraction as artist Ugo Rondinone, displayed his works, dubbed Human Nature.
The  giant sculptures, displayed on April  22,  were made of nine 16-to-20-foot-tall human-shaped stone figures, weighing 30,000 pounds each. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled the exhibition, also dubbed  Ugo Rondinone Human Nature.


Woodcarving not for the faint-hearted

Apart from foreign tourists, many Kenyans also admire handicraft, which come in different forms including animal carvings, and human sculptures. However, it would take one a visit to a handicraft workshop, such as  the popular Akamba Handicraft Industry  Cooperative Society in Mombasa, to appreciate the pains the artists go through, from wood selection to coming out with the fine products.