The comeback of free outdoor films!

Many Kenyan adults would remember the days when open-air movies were popular in urban areas as well as rural market centres. The monthly movies, popularly known as 'watoto kaeni chini' (loosely meaning children seat down, as children would always be ordered to seat down so those at the back could watch the movies unobstructed), attracted quite big audiences.

On the cinema day, many people, young and old, would arrive at the venue long before the movies started in a bid to 'book' a strategic place to seat, if the ground was dry. Some movie-goers would eat loaves of bread, either dry or with sodas, as the film rolled on.
The recent scene in New York, would surely remind many Kenyans of such days.
On June 17, movie-goers flocked Bryant Park in New York early enough to watch a free outdoor film that evening. Some had snacks, refreshments and drinks as they waiting for free entertainment.
The films have been on show every Monday until August 19. (Text: Stephen Mburu. PHOTOS: Xinhua)