Careless spenders to have limited casino visits

Singapore authorities will put in place a casino visit limit scheme to cap the number of visits a financially vulnerable resident can make to the country's two casinos.

  The limit on the citizens and permanent residents who are financially vulnerable came into effect on June 1.
  There will be three types of visit limits, and an individuals may apply to the National Council on Problem Gambling for a voluntary visit limit. Family members may apply to the committee through a Family Visit Limit to put a limit on the number of visits a family member can enter the casinos.
  Persons found to have poor credit records or are vulnerable to financial harm due to gambling could have a Third-Party Visit Limit imposed on them by a committee of assessors appointed by the committee.
  The cap will differ from person to person as it depends on the individual's circumstances. Factors such as frequency and number of casino visits, credit record, work situation and information provided by family members will be taken into consideration.
  Before the committee imposes a Third-Party Visit Limit on any person, there will be an opportunity for the individual to object to the proposed visit limit.
  Singapore is the world's second largest gaming market, largely thanks to the casino resorts Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, which were both inaugurated in 2010.
 Authorities now impose a casino entry levy on citizens and permanent residents, but tourists can enter the casinos free of charge. (Xinhua)