Petrol price increases by 76 cents

By Metro Reporter

A liter of petrol will from Thursday midnight increase by 76 cents while diesel reduces by a shilling and 69 cents as kerosene decreases by a shillings and seven cents.

The Energy Regulatory Commission attributes the reduction in the retail price of diesel and kerosene to a decrease in their average landed cost.
The Commission says there was a decrease in the average landed cost for both diesel and kerosene at 2.06 % and 1.92 % respectively, while the landed cost of petrol rose marginally by 1.67 % during the month.
In addition, the cost of crude oil decreased from 111.65 dollars per barrel to 109.50 dollars per barrel.
This led the ERC to announce that effective from midnight a liter of petrol will retail at 76 cents higher, while motorists using diesel will benefit from a Sh1.69 drop in diesel prices.
Kerosene users will also enjoy a Sh1.07 drop in kerosene prices.
Fuel will be cheapest in Mombasa where a liter of kerosene will retail at Sh80.26, petrol at Sh113.25 and Diesel at Sh99.64.
In Nairobi, a liter of kerosene will retail at Sh83.05, petrol at Sh116.2 and diesel at Sh102.98.
A liter of kerosene will retail at Sh84.84 in Kisumu, petrol at Sh118.45 and diesel Sh105.05.
Fuel will cost highest in Mandera with a liter of kerosene retailing at Sh96.86, petrol Sh117.23 and Diesel Sh103.84.
Fuel prices have a big impact on inflation in Kenya’s economy, which depends heavily on diesel for transport, power generation and agriculture, while kerosene is used in many households for cooking and lighting.