MKU set to promote education in Kiambu

By James Wakahiu, Metro Reporter
Mount Kenya University founder and chairman Simon Gicharu has said the institution would do all it could to help promote education standards in Kiambu County, the home of its main campus is.
Mr Gicharu said the university would support education in the county to uplift the region’s economy.

And as a show of commitment, Mr Gicharu has donated Sh100,000 towards the initiative.
MKU, he said, would continue to provide quality higher education to students in Kiambu and beyond.
“It fills me with great humility to realize that we, as the largest private university in East and Central Africa, have our roots in Kiambu County. The success of the university is very much indicative of the potential each one of us holds in academic excellence,” said Mr Gicharu during during the Kiambu District Education Day at the Senior Chief Koinange High School in the county.
“Looking at Kiambu district’s educational performance over the last 10 years, the indications are that there is need to pull up  our socks in order to develop sustainably at personal, county and national level.’’
The chairman also called on policy-makers in the education sector to put in place policies that would promote quality education. “Education will remain the only most valuable thing that parents can give to their children,” said Mr Gicharu.

Left:MrGicharu gives a token to Ndenderu Primary School pupils for their captivating poemon the neglect of the Kenyan boy child. Right: Students perform at the event.

He called on the residents of Central Kenya to emphasize more on education, “People of Central Province have a reputation for their business acumen, but success in entrepreneurship should not mean to an individual that education is indispensable. If you really want to realize your full potential, a good education is a must,” he said.
He urged students and the youth to embrace modern technology to advance their education rather than for mere entertainment.
“During our time in high school, the only form of communication with a friend was through a handwritten letter. Sometimes it took even six months to get a letter. But now, there is Facebook, Twitter, mobile phone; use the Internet positively, to broaden your knowledge.” he said.
The chairman at the same time urged teachers to continue putting in a lot in theoretical and practical efforts in the classrooms, as this prepares the students on practicalities of life.
He challenged teachers to integrate guidance and counselling to ensure that the students are all-rounded and responsible adults, adding that they should invest more in productive co-curricular activities, which will divert students’ minds from retrogressive activities.
Kiambu County education coordinator Boniface Gitau asked the managements of schools in the area to help the institutions achieve good grades.
He directed school heads to be always at the institutions for closer supervision of teachers with a view to helping maintain quality education.
 The practice, he said, would help restore Kiambu’s lost glory in education.