Commercial sex workers ask for business support and protection

By James Wakahiu
Commercial sex workers operating in Kiambu want their local government to protect them, arguing that the business is just like any other income-generating ventures.

They want to know why askaris at the local authority harass them, yet their male clients go scot-free. Prostitution, they argue, involves two parties, and that they cannot engage in the vice without men.
Speaking on their behalf, Ms Mary Mwangi, a commercial sex worker and bar hostess activist, asked the county government to stop harassing them but instead allow their business to grow.
Ms Mwangi was among more than 200 commercial sex workers
operating in Thika town who made the plea to the county government.
Ms Grace Kamau, an advocate for HIV strategies, asked the county government to regard commercial sex work as a viable business.
She said the government should help them get a vaccine, which
would help reduce HIV Aids prevalence in the county.
Ms Kamau, who works with Bar Hostess Empowerment &Support
Programme (BHESP), asked the commercial sex workers to embrace the use contraceptives for the sake of their health as they are at high risk of contracting most of the sexually transmitted diseases.