Invest in us, Kiambu youths tell government

By James Wakahiu
Kiambu Youth Bunge Association president Stephen Njuguna has asked the government put in place economic measures that will enable youths in the county tap their potential and realise their dreams.

Speaking in Ruiru during the National Bunge Association
annual grassroots elections, Mr Njuguna said many youths turned to drug and alcohol abuse due to lack of financial support to initiate income-generating projects.
He thanked Mercy Corps and USAi for supporting local youths start such projects.
The leader said the youths have since received grants, and already saved more than 300,000 in a Sacco.
Through the grants, he said, the youths have been able to start income-generating projects such as farming, music and clean water service initiatives.
Mr Njuguna said the Mercy Corps and USAid have helped more than 10,000 youths within the county.
He asked more youths in the county to form groups and have them registered, or join the existing ones for them to get grants.
The Yes Youth Can chief of party Grace Mwangi said the Youth Bunge, was not only “fully democratic” but also inclusive of youth aged been 18 and 35.
She said although Mercy Corps and the USAid, the two main sponsors of the group will be withdrawing their support, they would continue to “keep a keen eye” on its operations.
The National Youth Bunge Association was launched in 2001, and youths
in every constituency elect five people to represent them at a
county. The representatives then elect leaders who represent them at
the national level.