Top design and construction firm takes green building technology to counties

Kenya's construction services firm, Classic Mouldings, plans to invest in 47 counties as part of its growth strategies to promote the adoption of green building technologies.

  "We plan to continue on our momentum in the provision of affordable interior design solutions of exquisite environments for the commercial, residential and leisure market place, in the first phase,” the firm's CEO Moshe Noiman said during the launch of the showroom in Mombasa on June 3. Those who attended the launch included Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar.

  Other showrooms would be opened in Kisumu and Kakamega counties, he said, adding plans to expand in East Africa, starting with Arusha in Tanzania.
   Noiman exuded confidence on the company's growth strategy for Kenya and the East Africa region, saying that the continued adoption of artistic, exquisite and green building technologies would enhance the country's attractiveness as a tourism destination.
   Kenyan small and medium-sized enterprises have partnered to revolutionalize green housing using technologies that are home- grown, cheaper and environmentally friendly.
   Technology-savvy Kenyan entrepreneurs have revitalized green housing through use of energy efficient but low cost lighting and construction materials sourced mainly from China and India.
   As quest for green homes surge in Kenya, property developers have a reason to cheer as novel technologies replace conventional materials to construct durable and eco-friendly houses.
   Experts say replacing conventional stones with welded panels that have been plastered with cement and sand saves on cost and duration of constructing a house.
   It is presumed that the new partnership will enable countries build national green economy strategies to generate new jobs and skills, promote clean technologies, and reduce poverty and environmental depletion.
   Classic Mouldings has announced that the first phase of the investment will go to select counties with huge tourism potential in the next one year as part of its bigger strategy to grow its market share.
   They will set-up showrooms and promote green building technologies through their environmentally friendly interior solutions.
   Noiman added that Classic Mouldings is committed to the provision of environmentally friendly products to continue increasing the country's attractiveness as a tourism destination, especially in Mombasa, one of the country's important tourism centres.
   "We shall continue to respond to the needs of the market, developing products and services that meet the needs of our customers, offering modern technology in interior design at the most affordable prices," Noiman said.
   The company is upbeat about its growth strategy for 47 counties across Kenya as the country experiences rapid growth in the property development and tourism sector as well a growing appreciation for arts and creativity.
   The interior design company, as part of its renewed focus in the country, has also announced a comprehensive skills transfer programme and entrepreneurship training in special decorative paints application and in other aspects of interior design as part of its contribution to acceleration of job creation in the country.
Welcoming the latest investment by the Classic Mouldings, Senator Omar said: “As a leading interior design and construction services firm with over 20 years of  experience, their company’s presence is sure to become a boost to the our rapidly growing property development and tourism sector."
   "By all means, this move by Classic Mouldings to establish such an advanced facility is also a vote of confidence on efforts by the county government to make Mombasa a safe, conducive business metropolis," said Senator Omar.