US is the world’s ‘best destination’

The United States is among the top three countries in the world to live and work in.
A survey by recruitment firm Hydrogen and business school ESCP Europe, says the US is the most popular place in the world to live and work for professionals. It is followed by Britain, Australian and Singapore, which is described as a technology hub. The four maintained the positions they held last year.

  The report ranked Hong Kong as the second most popular destination, following the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for relocating global professionals to stay on longer than they originally intended.
     The survey, which interviewed over 2,000 people globally, also showed that 83 per cent of the respondents who had relocated said they believed it had accelerated their personal development. 
     The report showed that 24 per cent of the respondents picked the United States as the top relocation destination, 11 percentage higher than the 13 percent last year. Britain and Australia each got 13 percent of the votes, up from nine per cent in last survey. Singapore got 9 percent of the votes, up from 6 percent last year.
     "Singapore is very high up the value chain in terms of what it does in technology. Singapore has an exceptionally well-educated workforce, is a very innovative country and is producing the new tech entrepreneurs and engineers who are creating much of the high tech industry of the future, for example in life sciences, medical equipment and biotech," Simon Walker, Hydrogen's Asia managing director commented in the report released on May 15. (Xinhua)