The making of Brazilian football stars!

In the making of Brazil as a top football nation and its players among world stars, it seem nothing can stop the youth from exploiting their potential. The football-hungry youths seem not to wait until the environment is better.

They also do not, unlike many Kenyans would do, sit back and ask the government to intervene and create a level-playing field. Instead, they utilize every space available to develop their talents. For instance, these youths from the Bras neighborhood in Sao Paulo, could not allow a tree 'grow' between them and the game they love to play. Instead, perhaps, they saw the tree in the middle of the field as useful in the making of a top dribbler! No wonder Brazil, which hosts the FIFA World CUP 2014, has since produced top footballers and dribblers, including the legendary Pele, who is undoubtedly the 'king of dribbling'. (Text: Stephen Mburu. Photos: Xinhua)